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  2. latkemonster:


    This is a still from Squiffle’s Tiny Fingers featuring the work of our new background artist, Sean Edward Burns. We are very excited to welcome him to the team!

    Please visit First Frame Gallery, his online collection of fine art, including digital photographs, sculptures, paintings, and creative experiments, to see more of his work.

    Your new favourite movie, everyone. 

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  4. enferetsesfils:

    First Short film where I directed photography. “El cielo de los tontos”. Directed by Diego Moreira.


  5. jinsterbeady:

    The world premiere of Zoe.Misplaced, a film I wrote and directed, is screening on the 15th of February in Sydney.

    A fresh, new film focussing on the ‘normality’ of life as a lesbian;
    Zoe.Misplaced is an indie/drama feature film about everyday life from a (surprisingly) unexplored perspective. We follow Zoe, a gay 20-something, student, friend, sister, aunt and room-mate on a journey which is highly relatable regardless of your sexual orientation.

    Follow us on facebook to keep up with further screenings in Australia and around the world.



  6. squifflefilm:

    Greetings! Friends, strangers, lovers, supporters, allow me to introduce you to Oren. Oren is the sole merchant at “Omm-uh-lette You Finish”, a food truck where Squiffle obtains his daily breakfast of omelette pops with cheese.
    Oren is voiced by actor Mike Palmer.

    On this occasion, I’d also like to share with you some wonderful news: that our Squiffle t-shirts have arrived! This batch will soon be distributed to our amazing Indiegogo funders, along with some other fun goodies.
    These t-shirts were produced by Alicia of Black Cat Factory, “an anarchist and antifascist collective on Chicago’s north side.” Please check them out, if for nothing else, their awesome zine library!
    If you were not able to get on the t-shirt train with our fundraising campaign, send an e-mail to jeremymmoran@gmail.com and we can get you on the next order!

    As for the actual film, I’m pleased to report that the illustrations for the first few scenes have all been drawn and are ready to go through the animation machine. I’ll have a trailer to share with you soon!

    The last thing I’d like to note is that we are beginning to work on sound design and music. If you are interested in being involved at all, please get in contact via e-mail or ask box. We’d love to get you on board!

    Be sure to follow for more updates and character bios from the upcoming animated film: Squiffle Will Die!

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  8. Might turn this into a more fully-formed thing one day but here’s a glimpse inside my sketchy sketch book.

    Let me know if you can’t read it and I’ll reupload.


  9. a-bittersweet-life:

    Every director of note, he or she who has something to say, who can mount a picture beautifully, mostly have to take a lot of risks, and in so doing change the whole way in which films are made. They change the path. They are the pathfinders.

    Martin Scorsese


  10. girlvswhale:

    Happy New Year, may it be the best.